• Umeda in Osaka, Izakaya Honjin is located in Tenjin Shopping Street.

    On this page I will introduce the insistence of Izakaya Honjin.


    Even in instagram I am occasionally updating insistence on my daily life!

Commitment to food and alcohol

Insistence on ostrich meat

  • Grilled rare fillet of rare site

    Ostrich meat handled by Honjin is Domestic Ostrich Meat provided by the Kagoshima Prefecture Ostrich Business Cooperative. Ostrich is low fat and high protein, high iron and healthy meat. Taste like meat, soft meat with no habit. Although it is in limited quantity, please relish by all means when coming to Honjin.

Commitment to fresh fish

  • Lineup of fresh fish from all over the country such as Tosashimizu, Ehime prefecture, Niigata prefecture of Kochi prefecture. Until arrival, even a little rare fish. We will offer you in various menus such as sashimi, grilled fish and arrange dishes.

Commitment to domestic vegetables

  • I am dealing with domestic vegetables regardless. We serve various kinds such as vegetables, organic vegetables, natural products etc which we have never seen or have ever eaten raw, heated, boiled etc. Please appreciate it when you visit us.

Enthusiasm for meat dish

  • meat

    Izakaya Honjin is concentrating not only fish and chicken but also beef and pork. Although it becomes daily, there are many lineups such as "Matsuzaka pig" "Black Angus cattle" "Spanish chestnut pig" "Iberico pig" "Canadian cattle" It is recommended!

Insistence on sake

  • sake bottle

    We offer you with traditional Tokuwari. Please enjoy sake while talking with Budoku and Okko.

  • White dam

    Izakaya Honjin handles the wild sake "Hakutaka" of Hyogo prefecture. There are plentiful seasonal lineups including fresh squeezed fish and autumn rising.

Price and type

  • Sapporo black label for beer. The price is reasonable at 380 yen (tax excluded). Beer is recommended after all in summer as well as in winter.

  • There is plenty of shochu lineup. There are also sweet potato and wheat, as well as chestnut and rice shochu.